The Last Resort

Before the foundation of the world, I was chosen. Chosen to be a Joint Heir with Christ. I was 17 Y.O. when the Lord Jesus found me. You see, I was the one who was lost. Not Him. I was born in Williamsport, Pa. November 23, 1952. At 2 pounds and 10 ounces. A 32 weeker. I have been married 25 years. Now I work in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Talk about a full-circle! I've 5 sisters who love to play Monopoly.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Same oh, Same oh.

Well Im hard at work. 0239 am. Not much is different on the ranch. The price of calves was ok. But the gasoline $ is ridiculous. I read snicklefritzs blog on her Maui trip. Sounds like fun. MG and I went to Hemet to see Landos great g.m. Lando the Commando and Bobbie got along wonderfully. Hope B&B enjoyed the Rib Eye Steaks. Remember your High Beams And Low Beams...Psalms 119:105 Syl :BBBB

Monday, January 15, 2007

I must say..."I am impressed!!" 1st Place goes to the CANADIAN PROGRAMER!!!! Good job!!2nd place or actually Honorable Mention goes to the one and only KNITTERY KATE!!? The actual answers are: Elijah= 1Kings 18:42-44, Pharisees and Sadducees=Matthew 16:1-3, and People ; Hypocrites=Luke 12:54-56.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Captindans Question of the month: Who can name two weathermen in the Bible?

Friday, December 15, 2006

Now you're Cooking!! Gloria is going to make a banana cream pie use up some bananas. Im working tonight, so I wont be tempted. Any barbeques planned?
Mom and I enjoyed your pictures. I like Mustard. It not only tastes good on hotdogs it also flies well. Remember the food fight Motto....."Time flies like an arrow and fruit flies like bananas !"

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

To everybody!!! , Sorry for not Globbing. I have'nt been near a computer. I am no longer able to use the internet at work. (legally) Been busy putting in railroad Posts on the corral project. (144 posts so far, at 30 inches each deep-Wow!!,-thats 360 feet. If any of you know where I can get some cheap postholes please let me know. MG says CCA&M have arrived in Texas. Thats all I know. Work has been very needy lately. Yet I have not done any extra shifts because I want to get in the ground as many posts as possible before the rain. As MG always says, "Winters a Com'in." So Im trying to be an ant. The 50 foot trailer that we got at Chinadawns request is still not level (The Trailer,Shawn not Chinadawn!!) .... I do though wonder sometimes. Well Buy For Now.-BBBB!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

How about that? You can see a little of how the new corrals are coming. Are you all ready for a Round Up this coming summer? Think about it. Ill provide the Ranch , the horses and the cows.


I can't believe that I am actually Globbing. Thanks Planut for doing the switcherue. (On the WideLoad story). I wish I had some new news to write about but not much has happened today. Last night it rained. Not much but enough to remind us that Winter was coming. We are very pleased with our solar providing 100% of our water. It's ice cold too. One of these days I am going to incorporate pictures into my glob. I am having trouble going back and forth from my post to up or down loading a picture. the initial square with an x was apicture of one of Ikers friends. I deleted it I think. So Ill sign off for now.

Wide Load

Wow I didnt know that so many people were reading my Glob!!Yes there never is a dull moment at or towards the Walking R Ranch. Well we finally got ChinaDawns 50 foot trailer moved. We put it North of the new barn. It is not level... I think I want to get my money back.... They said all I need to do is 'level it.' From where I come from, when you level something well, you just LEVEL IT!!! I kind of think that that is not what they mean. Jerry and I have been working long and hard trying to do this moving thing upright and legal. I went to DMV and got the necessary permit, went to RB rentals and got 3 wide load signs. One sign said "Oversized Load", another said "Wide Load Ahead", and the Third said "Wide Load Following" We even had two of those flashing yellow lights. We were going to be extra specially covered from all angles. The morning of the move I was to meet Jerry at McDonalds at 5 AM. Can you imagine me being anywhere at 5 AM? Me neither. I Couldnt wake up Ikers so I enlisted his buddy Miguel to drive the other of the two pilot cars. Miguel and I arrived at McDonalds at 8:30 Am. We had had to pick up the signs and they did not open till 8:00. Jerry was taking it all in stride. Nothing seems to rile him. So off we went to Corning. Two cars ahead and The Big TRuck following. Finally we were at Danas and put the trailer on the hitch. It was too short. Frustratingly we called around the mighty metropolis of Corning To find another longer armed hitch. None were anywhere. After much driving around Corning we found someone who could weld a longer hitch. Only 1 PM and we were in busines So back to Danas and we got all hitched up. We made the first two turns without a hitch. (wrong choice of words) ...without any problems. At Orangehurst just off of Hall we chose to check out everything. We were desparately low on all four trailer tires. I had Boyscoutingly had brought a spare. It had 8 lug holes. The trailer stupidly had 6. We decided to just park it and start early Sunday Am @5:00 so we could get to Mtg on time. It was getting too trafficey. Early Sat pm I called ChinaDawn and asked here If she could be one of the Pirate-cars. (note the levity here) you have to do this with ChinaDawn sometimes. Without batting an eye she abligehed. (sp) Migael caught up with Ikers who did eventually get up at 3PM. We dropped of ChinaDawns car at her work. (its sign said"Wide Load Ahead") Still attached of course, ready for our early Sunday AM escapade. Sunday morning came and I and Mg drove to Jerrys and got there at 6:15Am He lives in Anderson. Then we headed to Corning trying to get ahold of ChinaDawn who was to be our trailing Pilot-car. WE couldnt reach her. Jerry said dont worry we will do without it. All I could think of was the picture in my minds eye of Chinadawn driving around town with a "Wide Load Ahead" sign on the back of her car.(Heh, Heh.) Talk about poetic justice!! (Incidentally Ikers and I Had gone down Late saturday night to pump up the tires with our compressor and Generator. I did not quite use the pump right and was unable to get above 42#'s of air.) ....So with air provided by a local farmer refilling our airtank 5 times..we were off. 9:00Am sunday am. We drove straight down 99w through Red bluff down Main street then 36..., adn then to home. The looks we got were of others amazed to the guts we had in pulling a 50 foot trailer through town. No we were unable to make it to Mtg Im sure the Lord understood. So there you have it ..Saturdays on the ranch are not the only days that there are never dull moments. Sundays can be just as fun. Have a Great Week!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Jeep Wagoneer BBQ

O.K. You Guys....That's enough food fighting. A while ago I shared a story of an episode on the Walking R Ranch. It was a Saturday morning and Mg and I were out front trying to start the trusty 1976 Jeep Wagoneer. I will again try to retell my The Jeep wouldn't start so I thought that if I primed the carburetor with gasoline it would just startup...Let me tell you, boy did it ever START UP!!!!!While Mg was in the front seat turning over the ignition, I was pouring gas from my authentic Jumbo sized Jack in the Box Cup into the carburetor. The 1976 Jeep Wagoneer backfired and caught my Jumbo sized Jack in the Box Cup on fire. Well I heroically and quickly and accurately threw my ignited Jack in the Box cup safely away. It landed right on top of my brand new (filled) 5 GALLON red gasoline container. Do you think it caught on fire??? Duh, Big red truck!!! Of course it did! And it wasn't a wimpy old L.A. or Canadian fire it was something else. I ran across the Barnyard to my Boat and got my Super-duper fire extinguisher to put out the fire. I aimed at the fire and WALLA it spit a little bit of Super-duper fire extinguisher contents out. The problem was there wasn't enough velocity to make it to the fire. So I threw the extinguisher at the car. I showed it!!! I wasn't going to let a totally fire engulfed 1976 Jeep Wagoneer get the best of me! When I have a barbecue...I HAVE A BARBECUE!! I go all out. Meanwhile this CDF helicopter was hovering over my fully engulfed 1976 Jeep Wagoner. He wasn't invited to my BBQ. Didn't he know he was just fanning the flames?? Of all the nerve. Next, I saw another Helicopter. They just don't get it ...this was a private BBQ. To top it off down the driveway there came a big giant CDF fire truck. They got out. And would you believe it they didn't have any food with them. Nothing at all. All they did was ask me what I was doing. Couldn't they see I was out in front of my house watering my burnt up 1976 Jeep Wagoner. People can get so nosey. The said I did a good job...How could they, the didn't even have anything to eat. This all happened before 10:30 AM. This was just the start of our day. So I hope you have a wonderful DAY!